Launching our Wearing2Hats campaign

We are thrilled to launch our new Wearing2Hats staff stories book  (foot of page for download) as part of the anti-stigma campaign. We are so proud of the all CPFT staff members who have been brave enough to ‘come out’ to talk about some of their experiences and use their stories to challenge the stigma that is often encountered. The Wearing2Hats membership is growing each week with more staff feeling comfortable to come out and talk about their own experiences and who want to help the organisation to become a more mindful employer and one who truly values the rich lived experience of their workforce.


Wearing2Hats was established by CPFT in 2015 after many years of attempting to get it off the ground. This forum has three themes; peer support, policies and procedures and stigma,

Peer support

Providing peer support and a safe place to talk about our own experiences. To feel safe to discuss work with people who have been through similar things. This group will feed key themes into the other two workstreams.

Policies and procedures

Developing guidance for managers and being proactive in supporting better policies. This will support flexibility and thinking of the whole person - not just following a policy. Guidance for managers will support them in ‘staying human’ when dealing with work issues caused through mental ill health, such as sickness absence.


An anti-stigma campaign where staff from across the Trust ‘come out’ to talk of their mental health, showing that anyone in any role could be affected by their mental health, and that’s ok. Even better, it could help them be a better NHS employee.

The work underway (taking place above and beyond everyone’s usual role) will make CPFT a better place to work and receive treatment. The group has already been working in partnership with HR on the development of policies, and are offering drop-ins for peer support. It improves how we care for our staff and how we relate to those receiving services.

Recovery is at the heart of this group and it supports our new values - Pride -, along with the behaviours associated with these such as: kindness, openness, empathy and supporting others in building resilience and feeling empowered.

You can check out some of the videos we have produced to accompany our campaign from our YouTube channel here.

We have also produced a special booklet, which can be downloaded below, highlighting some of our staff stories. Many members of our staff have both mental and physical challenges. They come to work every day and do a fantastic job caring for their patients while, at the same time, coping with their own issues. Some of them, in the past, have experienced stigma in the workplace and it has taken many years for there to be a shift in attitude towards mental ill health. These staff bring with them knowledge and experience of mental and physical ill-health, which is invaluable to our organisation. Download the booklet below to read some of these powerful stories.

Further information

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