Research critical to help manage dementia now and in the future

Research critical to help manage dementia now and in the future
12 May 2017

Speaking at the start of Dementia Awareness Week, Dr Ben Underwood, consultant psychiatrist at the mental health and community care provider, says people volunteering to take part in clinical trials across the local area are playing a vital role.

Dr Underwood said: “There are around 800,000 people currently suffering from dementia in the UK and one in three of us will go on to develop the condition.  This is a serious challenge, but there are reasons to be hopeful.”

“There are drugs in the pipeline with the potential to slow the disease down.  None of these have been proven to work as yet although some of the drugs being trialled here in Cambridge are some of the most advanced in the world. Age is the biggest risk factor for dementia, so as more of us live longer, ways to manage this disease of the brain will become even more important.

“Research we have helped deliver has already resulted in simple yet effective and positive changes. For example, we have looked at what we already do, and now know that memory assessment services increase quality of life and wellbeing in the people we see, as well as their carers.”

There are currently 18 studies involving more than 700 volunteers running at the Windsor Research Unit.  Windsor is an outpatient clinical research unit at Fulbourn Hospital, part of CPFT, and part of the NHS’s research arm, the National Institute of Health Research.

CPFT works closely with Cambridge University Hospitals, Cambridge University and the ational Clinical Research Network to make sure all its patients have the chance to take part in research. 

Dr Underwood, Clinical Director of CPFT’s Older People’s and Adult Community Directorate and the Windsor Research Unit, continued:

“We are only able to conduct this ground-breaking research because local people voluntarily give up their time to take part in the studies and we are very grateful to them. Working together with patients and their families I have no doubt we can make real progress.”

If you are interested in taking part in dementia research please click here.


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