People with lung conditions urged to sign up for special exercise classes

CPFT team runs sessions to support patients improve their wellbeing

People with lung conditions urged to sign up for special exercise classes
18 June 2018

People who have severe health conditions which leave them breathless are being urged to sign up for special exercise and information classes.

Run by respiratory staff from community and mental health provider Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, the classes can help people overcome their fears of breathlessness, learn how to manage their conditions, and improve their wellbeing.

At the start of Breath Easy Week – which is being promoted by the British Lung Foundation and supported by CPFT – people are being urged to “love their lungs”.

The classes, which take place twice a week for six weeks, are available in Huntingdon and Cambridge. To access the classes, people need to be referred to CPFT’s respiratory team by their GP or another health professional.

Louise Goswell, Joint Clinical Manager for Respiratory Services at CPFT, said: “People with conditions which can include the likes of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), bronchiectasis or pulmonary fibrosis, which leave them breathless find that their whole lives can be affected.

“While we recognise that the thought of exercise to people with those conditions can be very frightening, they have the support of our specialist respiratory staff at all times.

“The exercises are entirely designed to aid people with chronic respiratory disease and the sessions also include information about their conditions; advice on how to use their inhalers properly if they have one; how to improve their diet; and how to look after their mental health because these kind of physical conditions can have a big psychological impact.”

Louise’s colleague Deborah Watts, Joint Clinical Manager for Respiratory Services at CPFT, added: “We have had some tremendous feedback from patients who have taken part in the classes. They are group sessions and all those who are referred to them find the atmosphere really supportive. While not a cure, they help people become physically fitter so they can do more, and also help them to have a greater insight and understanding of their condition.

“I would urge people with chronic lung conditions to speak to their GP and ask to be referred to one of our classes.”

The theme of this year’s Breathe Easy Week (18 to 24 June) is “love your lungs” – and CPFT’s respiratory service is giving its full backing to the campaign.

Louise said: “If I could have two wishes it would be that people would stop smoking and exercise more. There is loads of help out there to support people to stop smoking but I also want people to move more and become more physically active. If people can find a sport or activity they love, they will keep doing it and it will be a massive benefit to their health.”


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